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Netsurf Network, direct selling opportunity, ways to earn
Ways to Earn at Netsurf’s Direct Selling Business

The commissions and incentives at Netsurf can be earned at three different points of time. The commissions are calculated on the basis of the worth of product purchases called as Turnover. One can earn a cash retail commission that can be earned daily, plus there is a pay-out cycle of 15 days wherein a cheque is released by the company containing the lifetime and turnover commissions. Plus, other incentives, bonuses and other benefits can be earned in every phase of 4 months. Details are as mentioned below-

A. Retail Commission

It is a commission that can be earned every day by any Direct Seller at Netsurf Network by retailing the Netsurf products that are purchased at a certain discount. This discount percentage depends on the worth of his total product purchase. As he/she starts purchasing more products he starts earning higher discounts and simultaneously he starts achieving greater status at Netsurf’s business. Refer to the below slabs* for further details-

Note 1: The above slabs and discounts are subject to change without notice.

Note 2: All products worths are mentioned in M.R.P.s in rupees.

Note 3: GST applicable to be paid extra